XMPie and NexPress Solutions, Inc. Announce Joint Marketing and Sales Activities

May 18, 2004


XMPie, a provider of software applications and platforms for dynamic publishing, and NexPress Solutions, Inc., a Kodak company, have announced that both companies will begin joint sales and marketing activities to drive growth of variable data printing. The cooperation will bring XMPie's PersonalEffect to NexPress customers, offering them a dynamic publishing solution that uses the open ANSI standard PPML/VDX that the NexPress 2100 variable data workflow is based on. XMPie's PPML/VDX certification is the most recent step in the two company's relationship that includes joint customer installations. In addition, both companies plan joint sales activities through reference sales or distributor relationships.

(http://www.nexpress.com), (http://www.xmpie.com)