XML Content Lifecycle Market: $11.6B by 2008

Jan 24, 2003

ZapThink has released a report entitled "XML in the Content Lifecycle," which looks at how XML is impacting the content management markets. ZapThink found that XML and Web Services are making a major impact on products focused on the content lifecycle, such as content creation, management, distribution, syndication, and protection. The report concludes that the primary challenge in the enterprise for producers of content is content reuse--the ability to integrate content from disparate sources.  "Content processes are currently where distributed computing applications were in the mid-1980's," said Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst at ZapThink. "Content today is frequently out of context, hard to reuse, constantly changing with multiple versions in multiple languages, and insecure. Content solutions that leverage XML promise to improve the economics of working with content considerably." Other findings of the report include: the market for XML content lifecycle solutions is expected to grow from $1.8 billion in 2003 to over $11.6 billion by 2008; producers of content in the enterprise spend over 60% of their time locating, formatting, and structuring content and just 40% of their time creating it; and by 2008, about 60% of all content lifecycle products will be XML-enabled. The report identifies the major sources of content in the enterprise and the nature and growth of that content. In addition, the report explores the five phases of the Content Lifecycle and how XML and Web Services standards, products, and practices are critically impacting those processes. ZapThink determines the ROI to be gained by implementing XML-enabled Content Lifecycle processes, examines the growth of the market for XML-enabled Content solutions, and profiles key XML-enabled Content Lifecycle products and solutions.