XAware Brings XML-Based Data Integration To SI And ISV Market

Dec 10, 2002


XAware, Inc., a XML-based information exchange and data integration provider, is focusing on serving systems integrators and independent software vendors by providing an out-of-the-box XML-based data integration solution. XAware, through its embeddable integration components, offers an industry standard approach to data integration and an alternative to traditional heavyweight EAI solutions and custom development. With XAware's lightweight components, systems integrators and software vendors can enable applications and databases to exchange information using XML or Web Services calls. XAware's components are designed to provide specialized data transformation, rules, and workflow processing capabilities in an easy-to-implement solution. Independent software vendors will be able to update their applications for XML and Web Services by using XAware components. These software engines or building blocks provide access, transformation, and integration capabilities, which allow applications to interoperate across traditional application silo boundaries. ISVs can use XAware to add those features without having to understand the detailed programming complexities of the standards. XAware intends to enable software vendors to offer powerful integration features at an affordable price while minimizing their programming investments.