X1 and NewsGator Partner for RSS Searching

Apr 30, 2004

X1 Technologies, Inc. and NewsGator Technologies have announced a partnership intended to provide customers with instant access to aggregated RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news and information. The capabilities of X1 Search, which is designed to help users find the content of email, files, attachments, and contacts, has been coupled with NewsGator's ability to deliver news and information directly into Microsoft Outlook in an effort to give customers a simple, integrated solution for obtaining and finding information.

NewsGator retrieves news from news sites, weblogs, and other information sources that support the RSS syndication format and automatically integrates the news items into Outlook folders. In addition to RSS feeds, NewsGator lets customers subscribe to NNTP (Usenet) newsgroups. Once the information is downloaded into Outlook, X1, through its Invisible Index technology, lets a user sort through the aggregated messages and find the content they want, narrowing and displaying results as they type the search terms. Results are displayed in the X1 preview pane or can be opened in Outlook.  For a limited time, users can purchase single copies of X1 Search and receive NewsGator, which normally sells for $29, as a bonus. Current NewsGator customers can purchase X1 at a 30% discount.  

(http://www.x1.com), (http://www.newsgator.com), (http://services.newsgator.com)