Wurld Media Selects Peppercoin to Process P2P Digital Transactions

Apr 01, 2005

Peppercoin, a payments company that aims to enable profitable new business models for low-priced digital content and physical goods, has announced that Wurld Media has selected the Peppercoin Small Transaction Suite. This payments software is intended to enable Wurld Media to sell legal, digital content through Peer Impact, its P2P network. The Peppercoin solution permits Wurld Media to accept credit and debit cards for small payments, thereby helping Wurld Media develop new revenue streams and obtain new customers. At the same time, the Small Transaction Suite reduces costs through efficient processing and customer service. Wurld Media's Peer Impact technology allows users to act as "paid redistributors" of legal content, and earn money that can be used towards future purchases of digital content through the network. Wurld Media is the parent company of several technology products, including BuyersPort Networks, LX Systems, Grow Hope, and Peer Impact.
(www.peppercoin.com; www.wurldmedia.com)