Wove Launch Powers Brand+Retail Second Party Data at Scale

Apr 23, 2019


In beta since May 2018, Wove for Email is a new approach to partnership marketing that gives brands fully automated, AI-powered access to a community of complementary partners, allowing marketers to place and promote their targeted messages within emails potential partners are already sending. The company says it replaces time-consuming, non-scalable processes that historically happened manually within brands and agencies and manages all campaign aspects from start to finish, including business development, email promotion design, and technical integration.

According to an announcement, this release builds on Wove’s partnership marketing platform, a first-of-its-kind offering that allows brands to leverage their customer data assets in a privacy-safe manner. With 250 companies already on board, Wove says it now empowers brands to reach each other's customers across both email and social.

Wove also says it gives brands a radical new way to tap second party data at scale. For consumer brands and retailers, email has always been an engagement and nurturing mechanism for existing customers. By introducing its model into the email channel, Wove lets marketers (partially) redefine email as a customer prospecting play.

Moving Partnership Marketing from Analog to Automated

Partnerships have long been one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of marketing. A brand can directly tap into a partners' like-minded community and get access to a pool of potential customers that are likely to love them too. The other partner, in turn, gets to share complementary products with their customers and benefit from positive brand association.

And while paid social has become one of the trendiest marketing strategies at the dance, email still holds the floor as the most powerful channel, boasting higher click-through rates, conversion rates, and daily active users. It's also more cost effective: U.S. marketers report that email has a 122% median ROI, whereas social media, paid search, direct mail and online display all have an ROI of 30% or less. Brands that realize this are naturally looking for more ways to tap into the power of email beyond their owned mediums.

If we merge these two trendlines, email likely represents one of the largest potential growth mediums for partnership marketing. In email partnership marketing, a brand runs a promotion or advertises its product or service via the other's newsletter or transactional message. While almost all aspects of marketing have become automated in some way, doing email partnership marketing remains highly manual and therefore unscalable. A common scenario: a brand or agency 1) does several hours of research to come up with a list of like-minded companies with popular customer newsletters, 2) spends more hours trying to find the right people at those companies to contact, 3) does direct outreach to those people, 4) holds a series of business development meetings to sell potential email marketing partners on the idea and ensure it's a match, 5) holds more calls to brainstorm the promotion content, 6) works with the other company to complete custom design and development work for the email, and come up with a way to share leads, 7) and then, eventually — after weeks or even months have past — a single email promotion will go out.

Start to finish, it's not abnormal for an email newsletter partnership to require several months of collaboration. Exacerbating the timeline issue, brands often lack an effective way to accurately measure the success of partner promotion.

Email partnerships also open up a trove of issues around trust, privacy, and security. A brand (very reasonably!) may not want to share their most valuable asset — customer data — with another. Nor may they be able to legally do so. If brands are going to get more out of their email partnerships, there needs to be a better way to forge relationships and implement campaigns in a more agile, scalable way, while alleviating concerns around trust and privacy.

With Wove for Email, brands can seamlessly reach partners' customers through the power of email marketing, all within the click of a button. Key features and benefits include:

  • AI-powered Partner Matching
  • Built-In Community of Partners
  • Automated Email Design and Technical Integration
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Third-party Customer Data Management
  • Easy Email Marketing Integration
  • Friendly Pricing Model

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