Workshare Introduces the Workshare Ready Partner Program, Website, SDK, and Partners

Feb 02, 2007


Workshare, a provider of secure content compliance, has announced the Workshare Ready Partner Program, charter members including GigaTrust, PGP, PostX, RPost, Secured Email, Secure Computing, Utimaco, Voltage, and others, the availability of partner plug-ins, and a complete Software Development Kit. This SDK and the shipping integrations extends Workshare Protect's selection of content compliance actions to include among others: message archiving; data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption; information rights, identity, and access; registered email delivery; and messaging gateway services. These "third-party" actions supplement Workshare's native actions such as alert, block, clean privacy and intellectual property content, zip, quarantine, convert to PDF, and remove hidden data.

Workshare's open program is designed to allow third parties to integrate their compliance and security products directly with Workshare Protect. The Workshare Ready technology enables a content-aware policy triggering of compliance actions, instead of blanket application or dependence on users for enforcement of policy. In addition, this is designed to allow for the auditing and reporting on both policy triggers and application of actions. This security design provides the user with active involvement in risk mitigation-which then in turn can increase policy compliance and product utilization and creates the ability for flexibility in corporate policy design and enforcement.

The Workshare Ready Program is comprised of the following components: Workshare Ready SDK, designed specifically for third party use, facilitating plug-in development by pre-packaged integration components, sample code, test suites, and other tools; Workshare Ready Partner Portal, provides centralized marketing, support, and branding of the joint solutions offered by Workshare and its Workshare Ready Partners; Workshare Ready Download Central, delivering centralized access by end customers to download and install Workshare Ready Partner plug-ins; Workshare Ready Partner Plug-in Certification; Partner Co-branding and Marketing Programs; Workshare Ready Partner Technical Support and Assistance; and Workshare Ready applications.