Workep Announces its Public Beta

Feb 16, 2017

After six months of work, Workep is announcing its official beta. Google Apps has 10 million companies subscribed to its business suite but they do not have a project manager. Workep was born due to this gap in the Google Business Suite. The company says the project management platform integrates the whole Google Apps suite to make work life easier, more organized and more efficient. Workep has had about 1,000 subscribers including support from companies such as Europcar, Nielsen, and DowJones.

The integration of the Google Apps allows users to keep files organized in Google Drive, tasks synchronized with the calendar and to have video conversations with Hangouts. Additionally, it automates tasks, using a comprehensive search bar and easy to read Gantt chart.

Workep was developed by entrepreneurs Carlos A´lvarez and Cristyan Sepu´lveda from Colombia and Giga Chkhikvadze of Georgia, the application is completely run on your internet browser and completely free for now.