WordStat for Stata to Offer Numerical and Text Analysis Combined

Apr 16, 2015

Provalis Research announced the integration of WordStat, a text analysis software, with Stata, a data analysis and statistical software. This new collaboration couples the numerical analysis of Stata with the text analytics functionality of Provalis Research. The combined technologies will enable business analysts and researchers to perform thorough statistical analysis and process unstructured data in a much faster and more accurate manner.

With Provalis Research's technology, Stata's clients are now able to import documents from various file formats and automatically extract numerical, categorical, or date variables from structured documents for text analytics. Once documents are processed, WordStat's exploratory text analysis function provides researchers with powerful analytics to extract themes and automatically identify patterns, including topic modeling, which allows users to get a quick overview of the most salient topics from large text collections.

The integrated solution enables Stata's clients to create custom dictionaries composed of words, word patterns, phrases, and proximity rules, in addition to developing automatic document classification models. With a capacity of up to 20 million words processed per minute, WordStat for Stata not only allows businesses and academics to handle large amounts of unstructured information in a faster manner, but it also enables them to identify temporal trends, assess relationships with quantitative data, and make better-informed decisions.