WordLogic Announces Text Solution Now Available on Windows Mobile

Mar 03, 2009

WordLogic Corporation, a technology company developing methods of text and information entry, announced that its text solution is available for Windows Mobile compatible handheld devices. Wordlogic's handheld version of its software can now be utilized on all pocket PCs, smartphones, and portable media centers. Upon typing a letter the WordLogic system, users receive a list of five completion candidates at a time, based on more than 50,000 dictionary entries, which can be selected and inserted into the text. The handheld version of the WordLogic predictive text software features a configurable keyboard Graphical User Interface (GUI) for touch-screen smartphones, new WordChunking technology, and customizable dictionaries. Word Logics' keyboard works with all Microsoft Windows Mobile 5/6 compatible programs including Microsoft Office Mobile, instant messaging programs, web browsers, Google search, and Skype Mobile. WordLogic Handheld is available in seven languages, including English,German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.