Woodwing Offers Open Publishing Format ofip Free to Public

Apr 12, 2011

Woodwing released its tablet publishing solution to the public free of charge in in hopes of helping to standardize the process of creating interactive publications for tablets. The open format solution is available for publications on tablets running iOS, Android, Blackberry Tablet OS, HP webOS, and HTML 5.

Whereas the standard for print publications is the PDF format, and the standard for web publications is HTML, there is not yet a standard format in interactive tablet publications. Standardization is imminent as multi-publisher digital kiosks are released in which customers can shop for interactive publications from different publishers. If magazines and newspapers are published in the standardized format, publishers can extend their audiences to the users of these kiosks.

Woodwing supplies cross-media publishing solutions, and its platform is used for almost 250 tablet publications worldwide.