WoodWing Software Strengthens Partnership with SPRYLAB

Jan 31, 2018

WoodWing Software and Premium Technology Partner SPRYLAB announced a milestone in their partnership. SPRYLAB’s Purple DS, mobile app creation software, is now integrated with WoodWing’s Enterprise solution. With this integration, publishers can create their content directly in Enterprise’s Content Station and publish stories easily to their mobile app. No technical skills required.

Major global media corporations have already implemented WoodWing’s Enterprise with SPRYLAB’s Purple DS as an end-to-end solution. They can now efficiently create content using Enterprise’s workflow capabilities, and then publish that content into a mobile-optimized, branded format.

This way of working not only allows media publisher to create a story in the Content Station digital editor and publish as an individual article, but they can now publish the content from an entire print issue onto their app, in just one click. The joint collaboration provides a quick and flexible solution in which the digital publishing workflow and publishing platform act as one.

Using the two systems together, a variety of workflow options are possible. Whether it’s simple PDF to app publishing or mobile-optimized publishing for phone and tablet, it is all possible when combining Enterprise with Purple DS