WoodWing Releases CDS Go

Jun 30, 2011

WoodWing is augmenting its Tablet Publishing Solution with a new program that's designed to help more publishers deliver digital issues of their daily, weekly, or monthly tablet editions. WoodWing´s new CDS Go! program targets smaller tablet publishers rather than larger enterprises, providing a more flexible and useful billing mode for small- and mid-sized businesses and agencies.

WoodWing's existing Basic, Standard and Pro packages are based around traffic-based billing. In addition, WoodWing's two new CDS Go! Packages now allow users to select a defined number of downloads, and are targeted at publishers just starting their tablet-publishing activities. The CDS Go! S package is priced at 349 Euros per month and includes 500 downloads, while the CDS Go! M package costs 599 Euros per month and includes 2,000 downloads.

Both packages allow the purchase of additional downloads at a cost of 0.39 and 0.12 Euros, respectively. Included in the price are licenses for WoodWing's Reader Pro tablet Apps for all relevant tablet platforms.