WoodWing Introduces Content Cloud

Sep 15, 2015

WoodWing Software announced Content Cloud, a one-stop solution for cloud-based managed content, offering unlimited storage as part of its services. The scalable solution hosts a wide range of applications for producing and managing digital and print content as well as for digital asset management and analytics. With this new offering, WoodWing addresses such essential requirements of magazine and newspaper publishers as the support of the latest channels, efficient distributed collaboration; easier distribution and sharing of content; and improving the return on investment in content.

The new multitenant digital asset management server instance of WoodWing Elvis DAM forms the backbone of WoodWing´s Content Cloud.

With the WoodWing Content Cloud, magazine and newspaper publishers can utilize a cloud-based solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing, and analytics. As a single source of managed content and digital assets, the solution can scale to meet the growing needs of any kind or size of business. Content Cloud enables collaboration with external contributors worldwide.