Wolters Kluwer Standardizes on Arbortext Enterprise Publishing Software

Jul 09, 2004

Arbortext, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Publishing Software, announced that Wolters Kluwer has standardized on Arbortext's XML-based software for its publishing initiatives throughout its companies in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

Wolters Kluwer employees around the globe will use Arbortext publishing software to create and publish market-driven, customized products and services in the media format that best suits the customer. These can include internet-based products, CD-ROMs, books, newsletters, professional journals and loose-leaf publications.

Using Arbortext's publishing software, employees at Wolters Kluwer will be able to author content in a way that relieves them from the task of manual design and layout. The use of Arbortext software is intended to enhance Wolters Kluwer's power to easily deliver highly tailored information based on select language, audience, media type and other factors.

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