Wolters Kluwer Health Releases Beefed-Up AdisOnline

Jul 31, 2009

AdisOnline, Wolters Kluwer Health's online journal delivery system, has gotten an upgrade, including a variety of new features to keep healthcare professionals up to speed on the latest news on drug development and therapy. Relevant articles from all of the Adis journals are selected regularly by Adis editors and posted in each of the themed collection areas and view them on a pay-per-view basis, which is cheaper than the end user buying articles individually.

AdisOnline's new tools include access to featured articles and collections and most cited, most viewed, and most emailed articles. The service's search capabilities and customizability options have been expanded, and users can now export figures to PowerPoint.

AdisOnline is now also COUNTER compliant and comes with access to Adis' 24 journals.

(http://adisonline.com; www.wolterskluwerhealth.com)