Wolfram Research Releases Publicon Software

Aug 13, 2004

Wolfram Publicon, an integrated software solution for composing sophisticated technical documents, is now available from Wolfram Research. Created for academic researchers, students, and industry professionals who need to create or publish documents with technical content, Publicon is designed to produce platform-independent files that can be exported to HTML, XML, LaTeX, or custom Publicon formats. Features of Publicon include: a guided, template-driven document creation system; a scrolling, WYSIWYG interface; support for the composition of structured documents matching REVTeX, AMS-TeX, standard LaTeX, Open Access publisher BioMed Central's XML (supported by PubMed Central), and custom Publicon formats; HTML, XML, and LaTeX export; automatic conversion to and from MathML; math and chemistry typesetting for word processor-like equation composition; full searchability within typeset equations for any character--including operators, bracketing characters, and radicals; notes and cross-reference insertion tools; style sheets; spell checking with a built-in technical dictionary; platform-independent document creation; and a searchable help browser. Publicon is available for Windows and Mac OS X and can be purchased for download online at a suggested retail price is $149.
(www.wolfram.com; www.wolfram.com/publicon)