Wochit Launches Platform for Ever-Fresh Video Production

Feb 20, 2013

Wochit Inc. has launched its platform that seeks to provide web publishers with a constant supply of ever-fresh news video. Wochit produces videos practically in real-time, as stories break, combining large scale capabilities with quality results. Publishers gain easy access to these videos, including through partnerships that Wochit has entered with major distributors Grab Media, OneScreen and Rightster.

Wochit can provide abundant news video about a publishing site's particular topics of interest -- using that site's own content -- or about almost any trending subject. The distribution partnerships allow Wochit to scale its operations. The company also has arrangements with major providers of licensed footage and photography, such as Reuters and Getty Images, and monitors tens of thousands of social media and syndication feeds to determine trending stories. Wochit says it is capable of producing thousands of short-form news videos daily.