Wistia Releases Inaugural State of Video for Business Report

Nov 02, 2017

Wistia, a video platform for business, released its inaugural State of Video for Business report, detailing the ongoing rise of video for business. The report studies the 6.7 million videos created and uploaded so far in 2017 by over 300,000 companies. As business videos bring a human touch back to online business and materially impact the bottom line, this report reveals growing production and demand, best practices, consumption trends, and more.

For this report, Wistia examined videos uploaded and engaged with throughout the third quarter of 2017 in the context of 2017 as a whole. In Q3, 2.4 million individual videos were uploaded through Wistia and were played over 371.1 million times. Between Q1 and Q3 2017, the total minutes of video uploaded increased by 17.9% (from 18.1M to 21.4M), and as the total minutes of video uploaded increased, the demand for video content grew with it. Wistia customers experienced a year-over-year increase in video plays from Q3 2016 to Q3 2017 of 10.2%.

Findings in this initial State of Video for Business report reveal businesses are incorporating more video into their engagement strategies. Other interesting results include:

  • The majority of business video plays occur during the week, with an average weekday in Q3 seeing over 25 million minutes of video consumed. This data suggests that people typically watch business videos while they’re at work, with data revealing engagement peaks earlier in the week.
  • 52% of the videos uploaded in Q3 fell below three minutes in length, implying that short, digestible content is preferred by businesses.
  • Over five million emails were captured across nearly 90,000 videos, representing a 27% year-over-year increase in in-video email captures since the launch of Turnstile, Wistia’s pre-roll email collector. Additionally, Wistia saw nearly a 12% year-over-year increase in new business sign ups in Q3 2017 compared to those in Q3 2016, which is a leading indicator of the interest in deploying video for business.


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