Wilson Web Announces New Feature

Jul 21, 2006

Wilson Web has announced it has a redesigned Search History screen that includes a "Search Builder" feature that lets users combine past searches, refine searches, or create new ones. Users combine searches using reference numbers. A dropdown box allows them to structure the new search, specifying "and," "or," or "not" with regard to the additional search topics.

Users can also combine searches by choosing a saved search and entering a new term in the adjacent text entry box, choosing "and" (the new term) "or," or "not." Other enhancements include new "Subject Pathfinder" links at the top of results screens that allow users to search subtopics of their original search, or search broader topics at a click. A new Spell Checker feature suggests alternate spellings for proper names, corporate names, and any other words that produce no hits in the user's search.