Will Facebook Launch "Paper", a News Reader App this Month?

Jan 16, 2014

Facebook wants your eyeballs, and isn't about to let any competitor go unchallenged. This time around, the social media powerhouse has Flipboard in its sights as reports of the impending release of Facebook Paper filter out. According to re/code, Paper could be out sometime this month and will aggregate your news into a Flipboard-like app for mobile users.

Sources told re/code that Paper is part of a long-term overhaul (known as Project Reader) of the News Feed. Apparently, parts of Paper have made it into smaller NewsFeed updates, but Facebook users could be getting a look at the finished product within the next few weeks if speculation is correct.

Facebook won't comment on the rumors, but considering the company's near-constant tinkering with its News Feed a complete change of direction toward a news reader app would hardly be a surprise.