Wiley Redesigns Interface; Launches New Database

Jul 28, 2006

John Wiley and Sons, Inc. has announced a major redesign for new and select backlist reference works on Wiley InterScience, the company's online publishing platform. The redesign is the first step of a new initiative to upgrade the company's online reference works over the next two years.

The redesign features improved functionality, including: Expanded Article Display Options, where all articles are displayed in a full-screen HTML view; readership levels (Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced) are displayed next to article titles for select reference works; Enhanced Search Capabilities, where search terms are highlighted within an article; advanced search screen offers checkboxes for article type, such as standard article, keynote article, and protocol; and Easier Subject Browsing, where users can browse by title with the addition of a "tree" design that lists all articles in the selected topic and a "Collapse All" link that enables a reset. Features currently offered for designated online reference works, such as HTML and PDF article formats, Pay-Per-View (which allows individuals without a subscription to purchase reference work articles for $25) and ArticleSelect (which is a token-based service that provides access to articles in non-subscribed reference works to licensed Wiley InterScience customers), will still be available under the redesign.

Wiley has also announced the launch of Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, the first online reference to be published under the new redesign. Originally launched online and in a 20-volume print set in 2001 by Nature Publishing Group, this resource spans life science research. Since acquiring the resource in 2004, Wiley has added and updated articles, as well as gradually incorporated all the material from Encyclopedia of the Human Genome. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences now features nearly 4,000 specially commissioned and peer-reviewed articles written by more than 5,000 scientists. All online reference works currently available on Wiley InterScience will also be upgraded to the new design over the next nine months, starting with the re-launch of Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences in September 2006.

(www.interscience.wiley.com/reference; www.wiley.com)