Wiley-Publons Pilot Program Enhances Peer-Reviewer Recognition

Mar 17, 2015


John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,--a provider of knowledge-based services in areas of research, professional development, and education--announced the launch of a six-month pilot program in partnership with Publons.com. The pilot enables peer reviewers for selected Wiley journals to get credit for their peer reviews on Publons.

Publons works with reviewers, publishers, universities, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output. Peer review information is collected by Publons to produce comprehensive reviewer profiles with publisher-verified peer review contributions that researchers can add to their resume and use to showcase their expertise.

The pilot program will help Wiley to assess whether awarding credit on Publons encourages researchers to accept an invitation to review, whether the quality and speed of reviewing is affected, and whether reviewers feel more engaged and satisfied with their experience.

(publons.com, wiley.com)