Wiley-Knode Partnership Puts Collaboration at the Center of the Research Experience

Jan 08, 2014

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., announced a new partnership with startup technology company Knode to provide customized research expertise portals to learned societies and other academic organizations worldwide.

Knode's expertise profiling system compiles a research signature for users based on their publication history, patents, clinical trials, and grants. The resulting profile forms part of a growing ecosystem of research expertise. Wiley's cloud-based portal, powered by Knode technology, is populated with more than 20 million documents and millions of expert profiles. Users can search by expertise, name or affiliation, and custom filters allow the results to be tuned according to specific criteria.

Researchers can use Knode to find experts, identify and connect with collaborators, and promote their own expertise.

A public beta version of the Knode expertise portal can be accessed here.

(knodeinc.com/, wiley.com)