Wiley InterScience Launches Current Protocols in Microbiology

Jul 19, 2005

Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., has announced the launch of Current Protocols in Microbiology, a source of microbiologic methods developed by investigators from around the world. Current Protocols in Microbiology covers the broad field of microbiology with experimental methods devised to facilitate the study of microorganisms vital to medicine, agriculture, industry and the environment, as well as emerging technologies of wide interest such as gene silencing, biofilms, and quorum sensing.

Functional genomics tools--such as nucleic acid microarrays, protein microarrays, and high-throughput mass-spectrometry--are also utilized in these new protocols. Also included in Current Protocols in Microbiology: detailed methodologies for isolating, propagating, and performing genetic manipulation in a wide range of bacteria, animal, and plant viruses; experimental procedures to assist scientists in identifying new drug targets and antimicrobial agents; and promising genomic and proteomic approaches to the study of microbial pathogenesis, microflora, and other applications. Current Protocols in Microbiology is now available online via Wiley InterScience, Wiley's dynamic online publishing platform. Wiley is offering a free Current Protocols in Microbiology online trial through January 2006 to institutions that presently subscribe to any of the other twelve Current Protocols titles through Wiley InterScience.