Wiley Forms Partnership with Epocrates

Apr 21, 2006

Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has announced a new agreement with Epocrates, Inc., provider of mobile and Web-based clinical applications, to make Wiley's recently-acquired InfoPOEM's medical content available to Epocrates users.

Under the terms of the agreement, Epocrates will integrate selected POEMs--daily summaries of medical research--into its free DocAlert medical news service. DocAlert messages are distributed to the mobile devices of more than 500,000 healthcare professionals and can help clinicians stay abreast of current information regarding clinical trials, drug withdrawals, and study data.

Approximately one in 40 eligible studies is converted into a POEM and each POEM is reviewed by at least 15 physicians and/or physician editors prior to publication. Clinicians at Epocrates will review all POEMs and select some for syndication via its DocAlert channel.

(www.wiley.com; www.epocrates.com)