Widen Launches Hootsuite Integration for Social Publishing

Jul 24, 2018

Widen, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) software, launched an integration with Hootsuite, a provider of social media management. Users can now search

for content from the Widen Collective within Hootsuite. The integration saves social media teams time by eliminating the steps of downloading content from the Collective and re-uploading it to Hootsuite.

Most social media teams use several martech platforms to commission, create, proof, and deploy new content. The team at Widen discovered that many customers were running their platform in tandem with Hootsuite and saw an opportunity to create a great customer experience through an integration.

Joint customers use Widen’s DAM system to create a searchable library of content, proof new creative work, and share the finals with team members. They then use Hootsuite to post content, engage with customers, and measure performance across major social networks. Indeed, Hootsuite recently became a Widen customer to tighten the transition between creating assets and deploying them in front-end systems for sales enablement, content management, and support.

The connector enables social creators and managers to search the Widen Collective from inside Hootsuite. It will help social teams save time and avoid the bottleneck of asking a designer to retrieve brand-approved content from the DAM system. Moreover, Hootsuite customers can still crop and resize DAM assets inside the platform to accommodate various social channels. Widen’s permissions and governance system ensures that Hootsuite customers only access finalized, approved content for social media.

The Widen integration works with all versions of Hootsuite and will be supported by Synaptive, Hootsuite’s app and integration solutions partner.