Wibbitz Releases New Research on Video Marketing Trends & Challenges for Social Media

May 23, 2019

Wibbitz, an automated video creation company, released the findings of its latest research on video marketing trends and challenges for social media revealing the challenges that marketers face, and the methods industry leaders take to increase marketing metrics with video. Wibbitz surveyed over 100 marketing leaders across 20 different industries, and found that the most challenging factor named for content creation was “lack of time.” Time was followed by Budget, Personnel, and Strategy as the most stress-inducing factors of video content creation. The use of automated video creation tools were found to be a factor in relieving time constraints, with marketers who used traditional tools being 85% more likely to attribute Time as a key obstacle to content creation.

The report reveals practical insights into how marketing leaders structure their teams, implement tools, and measure success in order to establish a successful social video strategy:

  • 89% of marketers are using video in their content strategy
  • Outsourcing video content creation only yields an average of 1-2 videos a month, whereas in-house creation produces an average of 3-10 videos a month
  • 62% of marketers say that video ads earn the most engagement for their brand compared to image and carousel ad formats
  • Marketers use an average of 4.5 creation tools, but the respondents that did not rank time as a challenge of creation used an average of 14 tools.
  • Proving Video ROI was ranked least challenging, with 27% of marketers stating Proving ROI has not been a challenge at all.

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