What the C-Suite Wants: Useful Content, Curated

Jul 26, 2018

Top executives look to curated channels to find content that helps them do their jobs, according to new survey. In the age of information overload, C-level officers are turning to publishers for help sorting through the vast quantities of content coming across their screens -- to find the information and insights that will help them do their jobs.

That’s according to a new survey of C-suite executives, the State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey – Professional Services Edition, conducted by business-to-business public relations firm Greentarget. The survey asked executives about their content consumption behaviors and preferences, seeking to help professional services marketers better understand an audience that in many cases drives business-to-business purchasing decisions.

The results depict a C-suite in search of expert curation that can help them quickly locate and consume content they find useful.

Other findings include:

  • C-level officers wantcontent that helps them do their jobs. Nearly three quarters of executives say utility is the attribute that most attracts them to content they consume most frequently.
  • The C-suite relies heavily onemail and traditional media. More than half get their content in each of those places every day. By contrast, only 35% say they turn to social media for content daily. The clear implication is that executives want help sorting through the vast ocean of content, and they rely on curated email and professional editors to curate the information and insights that matter most.
  • Email works, but the content needs to improve. Articles, alerts and other email mechanisms still present the best opportunity to reach C-suite buyers. More than half of executives say they get content from email daily, more than any other channel. Only 19%, however, consider the content they get in emails “very valuable.”
  • Social media fails to deliver.The amount of time executives spend on social media is vastly greater than the value they get from it. About a third of C-suite officers say they use social media every day, but only 17% consider the content they find there very valuable – and 10% say it has no value at all.
  • Branded publications an opportunity. Executivessee value in firm publications, if the publications are planned and executed well. Half of C-level officers say they find value in vendor publications such as PwC’s strategy+business or Berkeley Research Group’s ThinkSet
  • C-level officers also like content that’s visual and interactive. 44% of executives say they prefer to get content in the form of infographics and interactive charts. In-person events also rank near the top of the C-suite’s preferred channels.
  • Professional services firms must raise their content games. Only 31% of C-suite officers rate the content created by those firms as “very good,” and 38% find it barely satisfactory.

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