Westlaw Debuts New Legal Search Tool

Feb 05, 2010

Westlaw unveiled a new search tool, an all-encompassing legal search tool called WestlawNext. The platform is built around WestSearch, the company's proprietary search engine that seeks to duplicate the skills of expert legal researchers by providing inclusive and extensive ranked results. The product also includes new organizational and information management tools.

Designed with extensive input from Westlaw's customers, WestlawNext uses algorithms to replicate the steps taken by professional researchers, beginning with directly relevant articles before constructing a web of relationships through other resources such as the West Key Number System and KeyCite. The WestSearch engine attempts to locate the best and most relevant articles as quickly as possible, eliminating irrelevant or inconsequential results.


For more information, see ITI's NewsBreak: http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/NewsBreaks/Thomson-Reuters-Launches-WestlawNextThe-Next-Chapter-in-Legal-Research-60975.asp