West Offers Homeland Security Resources

Jan 17, 2003

West, a Thomson business and provider of integrated information solutions to legal and regulatory professionals, has introduced a series of Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism databases on Westlaw to help legal professionals focus their research. The Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism databases provide access to a collection of statutes, executive orders, regulations, case law, and analytical materials related to U.S. homeland security efforts in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Federal laws and regulations are rapidly evolving as Congress works to prevent future acts of domestic terrorism and create appropriate response mechanisms should similar events occur. The Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism resources on Westlaw draw on a variety of substantive legal areas, including immigration and border security, criminal law and procedure, civil rights, government contracts, administrative law, privacy and the Freedom of Information Act, labor and employment, civil service law, torts, insurance, and military law. The databases will be continually updated to reflect recent developments. The databases include: Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism-Texts and Periodicals; Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism-Statutes and Administrative Materials; Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism-Cases; and Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism-Texts, Periodicals, and Primary Law Combined.

(http://www.thomson.com), (http://www.westgroup.com)