Week Three of Apple Trial Underway

Jun 17, 2013

One of the biggest challenges for both the defense and prosecution in the Apple anti-trust case is that the man at the company's long-time CEo, the late Steve Jobs, is around to testify. In his stead, Eddy Cue -- often referred to as the "ringmaster" of the alleged conspiracy to raise ebook prices -- has become the epicenter of the case against Apple. Cue was scheduled to kick off the third week of the trial by completing his testimony, which began the previous Thursday.

Apple will continue to call its witnesses during the final week of testimony. As the trial comes to a close, CNET has put together a great summary of the first two weeks of testimony; from the opening remarks of the judge -- that made some wonder if Apple hadn't already lost the case -- to the beginning of Cue's turn on the stand.