WebWare Teams with Interwoven for Collaborative Rich Media Publishing

Nov 08, 2002

WebWare Corporation, a digital asset management software company, has announced an integration with Interwoven 5, an enterprise content management (ECM) platform. The integrated Interwoven Solution for media asset management (MAM) is designed to enable enterprises to unlock and extend the value of their rich media assets across ebusiness initiatives managed by Interwoven 5, such as enterprise portals, corporate intranets, and external Web properties. WebWare MAMBO is a digital asset management system intended to ingest and manage both traditional rich media, such as images and graphics, and time-based media, such as Macromedia Flash, audio, and video, and to interoperate with rich media toolsets offered by Adobe, Macromedia, and Virage. The connector to Interwoven 5 is intended to enable Interwoven users within the TeamSite environment to search, thumbnail, preview, transform, and aggregate rich media assets into their Interwoven managed content. Interwoven's collaborative publishing capabilities help organizations use and leverage content within a variety of enterprise ebusiness applications, such as enterprise information portals, customer relationship management initiatives, and product information projects.

(http://www.interwoven.com), (http://www.webwarecorp.com)