WebWare Introduces ActiveMedia 4.5 DAM Software Suite

Jul 18, 2003


WebWare Corporation, a digital asset management software company, has released

WebWare ActiveMedia 4.5 digital asset management software suite. ActiveMedia Enterprise 4.5 and ActiveMedia Access 4.5 are the latest versions of the ActiveMedia software family, an extensible, out-of-the-box platform for integrating rich media content into web content management systems, sales and marketing portals, multi-channel content distribution systems, and e-commerce portals. The release features RetrievalWare software from Convera, a media processing engine that includes natural language search dictionaries for the pharmaceutical and financial markets.

Other features in the 4.5 release include: greater integration with key media processing engines, including Convera RetrievalWare and Adobe Graphics Server; a redesigned user interface, built on J2EE; distributed file processing; release of Microsoft Office integration plug-ins; and a comprehensive installer allowing users and systems integrators to install and configure ActiveMedia solutions. RetrievalWare also provides full-text document search capabilities. ActiveMedia users will be able to search across a broad set of file types such as documents and layout files, and find the files they need based on textual content.

Adobe Graphics Server software provides dynamic graphic processing and automates the generation of multiple renditions of an asset. Built into ActiveMedia, the Adobe Graphics Server is designed to enable users to perform on-the-fly conversions of images-Photoshop, Illustrator, GIF, JPG, EPS, PDF-into a variety of file formats and sizes for download or publishing to a Web site or portal. ActiveMedia Enterprise 4.5 and ActiveMedia Access 4.5 are currently available.