WebSideStory Launches Ajax-Enabled Site Search Solution

Oct 06, 2006

WebSideStory, Inc., a provider of digital marketing and analytics solutions, has announced its Ajax-enabled site search solution. This patent-pending capability, called Active Browsing, is an extended service of WebSideStory Search and enables any ecommerce site to integrate one of Web 2.0's enabling technologies, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), into product search results.

This is designed to enhance speed and interactivity, and provide an improved customer shopping experience in which shoppers are able to engage in "clickless browsing"--the ability to preview additional product facets and "more like this" categories by rolling their mouse over specific search results.

Active Browsing works by transforming site search into an interactive application that accesses server data optimally, and allows for user interface innovations such as "bubbles" that overlay the page to provide more information and navigation choices. This enables visitors to speed through product search results and related facets--color, size, gender, etc.--without having to reload the page every time.