WebEx Launches WebEx WebOffice; Introduces MeetMeNow

Oct 14, 2005

WebEx Communications, a provider of on-demand collaboration applications, has announced the launch of WebOffice Workgroup and WebOffice Personal, two new business collaboration offerings designed for small businesses and individuals. WebOffice Workgroup is designed to meet the daily collaboration needs of small businesses, as well as groups and project teams. WebOffice Personal is primarily for managing daily activities and conducting Web meetings by individual professionals such as consultants, sales representatives, and mobile executives.

WebEx WebOffice Workgroup is designed to meet the collaboration and Web meeting needs of small businesses with five or more users. WebOffice Workgroup provides a complete collaboration suite including a document manager, group calendar, database manager, task manager, and several other collaborative business tools. WebOffice Workgroup pricing starts at $59.95 for five users. Users can add Web meetings for an additional $49.95 per month per host. WebEx WebOffice Personal is tailored to the requirements of the individual professional, and provides users with real-time Web meetings, document manager, task manager, online calendar, and contact manager. WebOffice Personal is offered at $49.95 per month. Either version is available on-demand, and may be setup online.

WebEx Communications has also launched MeetMeNow, a Web meeting service designed specifically for the individual professional. MeetMeNow allows users to conduct unlimited instant meetings with up to 10 attendees. With MeetMeNow, the user can: share the entire desktop in real-time with rich annotation; launch meetings directly from the Windows system tray, Outlook, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, or AIM; access all of the features to host online meetings from a meeting control panel; invite attendees to join a conference call; or pass control of documents or applications to any attendee in real-time. MeetMeNow is priced at $49 per month. WebEx is also introducing PCNow, which allows users to securely access a computer from any remote location using a Web browser. With PCNow, the user has full access to a remote PC--or multiple PC's--from anywhere in the world, including: the ability to view and access email, files, folders, or a computer's network resources; work on a remote computer using just a Web browser; transfer files to and from a remote computer; and print a document to either a local or remote computer. Previously offered in a "preview" version called MyWebExPC, this remote access product is now commercially available for an introductory price of $9.95 per month. The standard price is $14.95 per month.

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