WebDialogs Upgrades New Version of Unyte

Dec 01, 2006

WebDialogs has announced the availability of Unyte 2.0, the latest version its collaboration tool. Unyte 2.0 provides users with more advanced features for sharing documents, making presentations, and running remote applications. Upgrades to Unyte 1.0, include: the ability to annotate shared information; a new look for its user interface; support of 800X600 screen resolution; support for non-Skype users; the ability to schedule future sessions through Unyte Events; and some "under-the-hood" improvements.

With Unyte, users can securely share documents, applications, or their desktop to give a presentation, demonstrate software, negotiate a contract, view a photo, fix a PC, or review their child's homework while on the road. Users need a web browser to host or view a Unyte session. There are no additional software or hardware requirements other than the Unyte tool itself. There are no downloads required to view a Unyte session. Unyte is also available as part of the Skype 3.0 beta plug-in architecture. Skype users participating in the Skype 3.0 beta program need to select "Unyte" from the "Do More" menu to start a sharing session.

Unyte is free for one-to-one viewing while Unyte+ is available for as many as 25 participants with advanced features. New subscribers can take advantage of a free 30-day trial that includes both Unyte and Unyte+ features. After 30 days, users you can choose to upgrade to Unyte+ for a quarterly or annual fee, or continue to use Unyte 1:1 application viewing for free. Unyte is supported by a fully automated ecommerce system featuring PayPal and credit card payment options.

(www.unyte.net; www.webdialogs.com)