Web Crossing Provides Social Network Platform

Jun 23, 2006

Web Crossing, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of WebCrossing Neighbors, its new private-label online social network solution. WebCrossing Neighbors is a hosted solution with common areas for interest groups, personal user spaces, profiles, blogs, discussions, photo and file sharing, access controls, search, and more. WebCrossing Neighbors is available immediately as a server hosted solution, starting at $195/month.

Personal spaces link friends and colleagues together using the WebCrossing Neighbors dynamic tagging engine, with support for "degrees of friendship" that display friends-of-friends and third-degree friends. Access to other spaces is possible using links from the new activity list, the friend gallery or the interest group gallery. Each personal space includes an up-to-date list of new content in subscribed friends' journal space or discussions. Each personal space also provides two avatar galleries for links to friends or colleagues or to interest groups. Members on a WebCrossing Neighbors site can create shared interest groups to participate in discussions, either via the web-based forum or email subscriptions. Companies and organizations can also offer "premium membership" benefits, providing options, such as extra photo albums, more file storage, and more. WebCrossing Neighbors administrators control access permission rules for interest group and individual spaces. Administrators can also give members access control over their own personal space. System-wide announcements provide members with news or other updates from the online community director who represents the company or organization.

The design of the graphics can reinforce company branding, organization identity, or establish its own aesthetic. If the default features comprise the desired set, WebCrossing Neighbors can be used immediately. Functional modules are administered through a control panel with switches. The underlying scripts and templates that control WebCrossing Neighbors operations can also be modified and extended. Functional elements provide varying levels of interactivity. Available functional elements include: classic forum discussions; journal or blog capabilities with integrated comments; photo albums; personal files for sharing data or storing backups of files; footprints showing recently accessing members; instant messaging and chat rooms; and email services for POP3, SMTP, and AJAX-based web mail. WebCrossing Neighbors is available immediately as a server hosted package for maximum uptime, priced based on traffic and member storage capacity.