Web Crossing, Inc. Announces New International Features for webCrossing Neighbors 2

Jul 27, 2007

Web Crossing, Inc has released International capabilities now included in webCrossing Neighbors 2, the company's private-label social network system. Multilingual Support Areas let webCrossing Neighbors administrators provide a multilingual experience. For sites with multiple languages, the support areas for members who speak different languages are automatically maintained by linking to the support area in that member's primary language. The IP Address to Country Mapping is designed for a site administrator to automate detection of an accessing user's country. Sites may need to detect the accessing country for marketing or policy reasons, while others may be required to actually restrict access by country. Administrators of webCrossing Neighbors 2 sites can contact support for integration of the IP Address to Country Mapping capabilities with their system set-up. WebCrossing Neighbors is available as a server hosted package for maximum uptime, priced based on traffic and member storage capacity starting at $195/month.