WeQ SHIELD Unveiled, Uses AI and Machine Learning to Fight Against Mobile Advertising Fraud

Nov 15, 2018

WeQ, a global mobile advertising company, officially launched its proprietary mobile advertising compliance solution, WeQ SHIELD. After a successful beta period, WeQ SHIELD is fully integrated on all client campaigns, in order to fight the many different and emerging forms of malicious traffic.

Mobile ad spending is growing and valued at over $75 billion globally, according to Forbes. RetailDive reports that fraud rates have almost doubled since 2017, and Juniper Research estimates that ad fraud will cost advertisers $19 billion in 2018. Advertisers are facing increasingly limited inventory to spend budget, while demand continues to grow, resulting in a huge opportunity for non-compliant traffic providers to steal from advertising budgets across the supply chain.

WeQ believes that in-house tools can better equip account teams to proactively monitor data for clients, allowing them to identify and prevent the risk of fraud impacting campaign performance. WeQ SHIELD is the companys solution to protecting its mobile advertising clients.

Over the past several months, WeQs compliance team has worked with clients to understand their perspective. WeQ SHIELD monitors all client traffic proactively for suspicious patterns and non-compliant behavior, based on a set of performance KPIs and compliance benchmarks set in advance with each client. The solution flags any deviations from the set benchmarks, lays out strategies to block any unwanted traffic, and develops methods to prevent any future offenses on a sub-source level.

WeQ Shield also contains interactive dashboards and visualizations. These help account managers drill down into campaigns at the sub ID level to take data-driven actions based on different compliance metrics, thus reducing risk for advertisers. This is extremely important for our account managers as they are fully dedicated to proactively act on anything that could threaten our advertisers' campaigns.

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