WeQ Launches to Add Human Intelligence to Mobile Ad Tech

Apr 26, 2018


WeQ, a mobile ad tech brand providing user acquisition and engagement services at a global scale, announced its official launch. WeQ says it is driven by a forward-thinking, socio-economic movement striving to shift from an exclusive “I” culture to a collaborative “We” cultureWeQ comes out of the gate armed with a strategic investment, having secured more than $50 million USD in internal funds and debt capital to accelerate an ambitious global growth path. The ad tech brand plans to use the funds as it undertakes an aggressive M&A strategy. Over the next 12-24 months, WeQ says it plans to acquire cutting-edge technologies from innovative ventures to expand its technological footprint and services, attract international talent, and enter new international markets.
WeQ offers alternate, bespoke solutions and high-quality user acquisition beyond the walled gardens of Facebook and Google. The company has ambitious goals and expects to deliver several million installs a month for clients.