We7 Launches Advertising Delivery Platform

May 04, 2007

Rock legend Peter Gabriel has teamed up with technology entrepreneur Steve Purdham and financial authority John Taysom to bring advertisers an ad delivery mechanism. The platform, We7, uses free music downloads as a vehicle to communicate personalized advertising messages, designed to allow brands to intimately connect with consumers on- and offline.

The We7 service works by dynamically 'grafting' ads onto the front of music tracks and albums based on a consumer's demographics such as location, age, gender, and could even be extended to preferences. This can allow advertisers to intimately engage with consumers ‘off web’ as they listen to the ad-embedded downloads. All We7 music is DRM free so consumers can legally share and play tracks on any MP3 player, expanding the potential for advertisers to reach even more people as they share content. The ‘grafted’ ads change on sharing to match the consumer. The revenue generated via advertising ensures artists receive royalties for making their songs available, while the consumer will receive and share DRM-free music legitimately. WE7 offers advertisers the opportunity to talk directly to their customers in a targeted way: through a broadcast platform that gets brands directly into the eyes and ears of consumers; access to the Web 2.0 generation via the music download culture; and the customer profile and ad are matched together designed to ensure the ad is relevant and engaging for the listener.

Ads are ‘grafted’ to a track or video using MediaGraft’s technology and remain ‘glued’ to tracks for up to 4 weeks so they’re listened to again and again. The We7 site has been designed to appeal to audience demographics (ages 14-65) and can be used to reinforce messaging through multiple delivery methods including B2C, B2B, and community delivery.