Waterford Technologies Launches Standalone Email Management Solution

May 01, 2007

Waterford Technologies, a provider of intelligent email management solutions, has announced the availability a standalone email management solution for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino, MailMeter Storage Manager. The solution runs alongside the email server and removes all attachments such as .doc, .xls, .jpg, and .pdf from the email store. With MailMeter Storage Manager's "single instance" capability, organizations can benefit from the attachment being stored once on the offline storage as compared to many times in the online mail store.

Organizations that implement MailMeter Storage Manager can benefit from the following: software does not need to be installed on the email user's desktop; MailMeter Storage Manager does not need software or agents to be installed on the email server; flexibility of attachment stubbing, where the solution can "stub" attachments by mailbox, by age, by size, or any combination of the above. The stubbing process can also be configured to run at set times; and customers can deploy the attachment storage component of an email archiving solution. MailMeter Storage Manager runs on Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email systems. MailMeter Storage Manager is priced at $3,994 per email store with a maximum number of 500 mailbox accounts.