Watchfire Announces WebXM 2.0

Dec 03, 2002

Watchfire Corporation, a provider of Web site Management software and services, has announced the release of version 2.0 of Watchfire WebXM. WebXM automates Web site testing and analysis to help detect and manage content quality, privacy, and accessibility issues on large enterprise Web sites. WebXM 2.0 introduces a standalone Web accessibility testing module designed to help organizations test their site's level of standards compliance, including the U.S. Government's Section 508 and the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This release also introduces integration with content management systems through a new Web Service interface, and a fully documented Software Development Kit (SDK). WebXM 2.0 introduces a Web Service interface that integrates the functionality of WebXM with other software applications. Using Web Services, Web content can be automatically checked by WebXM at any stage in the Web development workflow process and can be accepted or rejected. Providing an automated compliance step allows customers to catch Web site errors and check Web standards before content goes live on their Web sites, helping to improve site quality and lower production costs. The WebXM platform comprises three modules and three optional plug-ins. The modules, QualityXM, PrivacyXM, and AccessibilityXM are designed to help manage issues across all Web properties. QualityXM scans Web properties and reports on content and interaction issues such as broken links, broken forms, slow loading pages, faulty purchase checkouts, poor searchability, and usability problems. PrivacyXM generates detailed privacy reports to identify information collection, privacy policy linking (including P3P), user tracking, and Web page security practices to help manage potential privacy risks. Developed for large, multi-user environments, AccessibilityXM integrates the accessibility testing capabilities of Watchfire's standalone Web site accessibility tool, Bobby, with the scanning and reporting capabilities of WebXM technology. WebXM 2.0 is available from Watchfire's direct sales force and is also available as a managed service offering.