Watchfire Announces New Intranet Solution; Releases Intranets Survey

Aug 09, 2005

Watchfire, a provider of enterprise software and services to manage online risk, has announced the availability of a new enterprise solution designed to monitor and report on issues impacting employee productivity, risk, compliance, and cost containment on today's complex corporate intranets. Intranet Standards is a new module of Watchfire Web XM, a solution that automates the scanning, analysis, and reporting of online security, privacy, quality, and compliance issues across corporate Web properties.

Watchfire's Intranet Standards module identifies sensitive and insecure content—health, medical, HR, financial, regulatory—that may expose an organization to risk if not properly managed. Watchfire recently conducted a survey on issues directly impacting corporate intranets. Intranets house some of an organization's most sensitive corporate data, and the results indicate a lack of intranet standards and security controls:

  • 78% of respondents indicate their intranets house confidential human resources information, including employee contracts and expense claims; 30% of respondents say their intranets house customer data, and 41% of respondents say healthcare information is also kept on their intranets.
  • 70% of respondents believe that temporary/contract and external contractors have access to their corporate intranets.
  • Only 9% of respondents describe their intranets as "secure."
  • 17% of intranet sites have areas not password protected, and results indicate there is little or no controlled process of who is authorized to add or remove content. Content contributors range from human resources to sales and marketing.