Warbler Launches to Bring Mobile Marketing to Smaller Brands

Sep 24, 2015

An intelligent mobile technology that automatically identifies and implements marketing opportunities for small businesses recently launched. Warbler aims to empower smaller brands and retailers with powerful mobile marketing and loyalty tools that up until now have only been attainable by big brand marketers, but at a fraction of the cost. The platform uses a prescriptive analytics engine, enabling it to automatically guide marketers toward the most efficient route to growing, rewarding, and monetizing their customer base. It then chirps marketing campaign suggestions to the marketers' mobile device for approval and delivery. 

A campaign generated for a retail owner might read, "Chirp! You currently have 43 customers within 300 yards of the store. Invite them in!" while a restaurant owner might receive "Chirp! You have 4 spare tables tonight! Ask customers to spread the word about tonight's Prime Rib Special and earn 5,000 points for each referral."  Each targeted suggestion is sent to the marketer via SMS, and can be approved and instantaneously pushed to their customers' smart phones in under a minute.

A rewards program forms a major part of the Warbler platform, allowing businesses to incentivize app downloads, customer engagement, and purchase with once in a lifetime experiential rewards. The cost of redeemed loyalty points is covered by Warbler, letting marketers reward their customers for actions that create value for their business, but without a redemption risk.

Subscribers also have access to the rest of Warbler's integrated suite of tools, including native mobile app design and publishing, mobile payments, ibeacon management, third party plug-ins, campaign analytics, geo-fencing, and more. Prices start at $99 per month. 

As part of the launch, Warbler is giving away a total of 1 billion loyalty points to the first 10,000 marketers who pre-register.