WRQ and Plumtree Partner

May 14, 2004

WRQ, Inc. and Plumtree Software have announced a partnership that is intended to provide customers access to critical information held on host systems. Users of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite are now able to access data and applications held on a variety of host systems through capabilities provided by WRQ's host access and integration products. Customers can use this legacy data to build service-oriented applications accessible via the Web.


Plumtree provides software to create service-oriented applications that draw from a volume and variety of traditional systems, application servers, repositories and desktop clients. WRQ's products, WRQ Reflection and WRQ Verastream, allow organizations to expose host-based logic and data from legacy systems without programming interfaces for reuse in new applications built and assembled using Plumtree's software. WRQ offers a complete solution for creating, customizing and publishing portlets to expand the reach of critical legacy-application information, including exposing legacy functions as reusable Web services, the auto-generation of ASP- and JSP-based host portlets and the capability to display green-screens as portlets.

(http://www.plumtree.com), (http://www.wrq.com)