WAM!NET Government Services Joins NSA Groundbreaker IT Contract

Oct 18, 2002

WAM!NET Government Services (WAM!NET), a developer, designer, and manager of secure enterprise networks for digital content distribution, and hosting, has announced its addition to the CSC-led Groundbreaker IT contract for the National Security Agency (NSA). The contract provides the NSA with telephony and network services, distributed computing services, and enterprise and security management of the non-mission critical information technology infrastructure over a seven year period. The contract is potentially valued at $2 billion dollars. Working in conjunction with Omen, Inc., the leader of the Small Business Consortium for the Groundbreaker contract, WAM!NET brings its experience in network architecture and management to supply IT resources for individual projects as well as larger long term task orders. WAM!NET's initial responsibility includes the provision of network engineers and managers with storage area knowledge on a project by project basis.