Vyante Launches Beta Version of ChatterSpike

Jul 03, 2007

Vyante Inc. has launched a Beta Version of its product, ChatterSpike. ChatterSpike is designed to analyze information from the internet across various content sources (such as news wires, search engines, websites, blogs, customer reviews, government reports, subscription content, industry research, etc.) on a daily basis and display it on a consolidated dashboard illustrating the quantity of data and its variations over time. The Beta version is designed as the base level of the product to which future functionality will be added. This base includes Quantitative Data Charts which provide data on the magnitude of information or chatter on the internet. ChatterSpike can list the top websites which contain chatter about a topic and a list of the top "related words" based on average frequency over time, the feature is designed so the user can identify the words most frequently associated with their topic of interest. ChatterSpike is designed to specify the period of time over which the data is displayed, allowing the user to narrow the analysis to specific events and data spikes that are of interest.

(www.chatterspike.com; www.vyante.com)