Voxline Delivers Associated Press News Content to Mobile Phones

Nov 22, 2002

Voxline, Inc., a developer of wireless Internet technology, and AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that provides content to Web sites and other interactive services, have announced that a complete wireless content and delivery service, WebTap, is now furnishing customized, U.S. and world AP news alerts via Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile service providers worldwide as an enhanced data offering for their end-users. WebTap combines a technology that transforms general Web content to formats readable by mobile devices. Mobile service providers that subscribe to the service give their users access to the WebTap site, where end-users customize news topics and delivery schedules. WebTap requires a one-time online configuration to access the news. Thereafter the service "pushes" customized AP news or user-selected arbitrary Web content to mobile phones via SMS, eliminating the use of mobile Web browsers. Numerex, Inc. also contributed to the development of the technology. Headlines for the AP wireless news alerts are SMS-ready text messages edited for display on mobile devices with additional space within each message for attribution, time stamp, advertising or sponsorship. Voxline plans to expand WebTap to provide Multimedia Message Service (MMS) to wireless carriers that upgrade to more advanced wireless data networks and devices.

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